“The best solution for your company is
just like your company itself: unique

This motto has accompanied me for several decades. As an independent consultant and insurance broker I work with my clients from the outset to develop individual and, hence, tailor-made solutions. This should be no surprise: because every company is different. Which means that every company also requires its own solutions – perfectly adapted to its specific needs.

The recognition from my clients is the confirmation of this approach. In the years since 1991 I have successfully established myself and my company VerCon Wirtschaftsberatung GmbH on the market. Today we are a successful medium-sized company with Austrian and international clients from the industrial and commercial sectors with highly committed employees and offices in Linz Puchenau, Vienna and Berlin.

And the future? We want to continue ensuring that the future of our clients remains as comfortable as possible. Through enormous commitment, networked professional expertise and, of course, always in the closest cooperation with our clients.

I would be delighted if my team and I could also help to shape your future.


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Welcome to the Future.

We have been working busily for our clients for over 25 years. We are naturally proud of this past. But our attention is primarily focussed on the future. After all, our objective is to make the future of our clients better and more secure.

We shape the future of our clients. Step by step. You can read here about our latest steps.