Your success knows no borders.
Just like our advice.
Austria is home to around 180 companies that are global market leaders in their sector. This represents 19 companies for every one million people – which is more than in any other country. And however different these companies may be, they have one thing in common: They are active internationally. Some in every corner of the globe.

The successful path of many of our clients also takes them abroad. Wherever in the world they are active, we from VerCon are at their side: With our experts. With our multi-lingual employees. And with our partners from the Uniba network. As members of this network we can ensure that our clients are optimally insured and directly advised on the ground in over 130 countries.

The Uniba network has 64 partners with a total of 4,000 employees and a premium volume of over 3.1 billion euros. This means that, far beyond the borders of Austria, even the most complex of challenges can be swiftly, simply and effectively resolved.

VerCon is a member of UNiBA Risk Solution Partners
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