Particularly when you have a lot to do,
we are happy to take a little work off your hands.
We will register or deregister your vehicle on your behalf:

Checklist for the registration or deregistration of a motor vehicle



  • Proof of identity (driving licence, etc.)
  • Power of attorney for the person carrying out the registration
  • Proof of ownership (purchase contract, etc.)
  • Certificate of conformity or special permit
  • Extract from the company register in case of companies
  • Test certificate in line with ยง 57a KFG (Motor Vehicles Act) (for used cars)
  • Declaration of transfer of use (for leased cars)
  • Insurance confirmation
  • Registration fee



  • Certificate of conformity or special permit
  • Registration document or both parts of the registration certificate
  • Number plates, no cost


Costs of vehicle registration

Statutory fee 119.80
Processing fee 47.30
Consultation of the central population register 1.00
Inspection sticker 1.45
Number plates 21.00
Total 190.55
Registration document in credit card format 22.00