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Consultancy Contracts

  • Demonstration of liability to company management
  • Development of coverage concepts
  • Preparation and presentation of risk reports

Information and Communication

  • Research, analysis and presentation of current market and product developments
  • Development of tailor-made working documents, forms and checklists for clients
  • Group and individual training on the client’s premises

Project Work

  • Assessment of individual projects in terms of insurance law
  • Control of the insurance coverage of special experts and executing companies
  • Development of concepts for closing any gaps in coverage or adapting existing insurance contracts
  • Information about and explanation and negotiation of project insurance with such authorised third parties as consortium partners, subcontractors, government bodies, financiers and owners
  • Support and control during the handover to the operational management

Claims Adjustment as a Consultant

  • Assumption of responsibility for claims adjustment as an independent service provider

Coverage Concepts

  • Framework agreements for such specialist areas as real estate, accident and vehicle fleet insurance